Lauren Vrouvas
Lauren Vrouvas | Designer



Hi there, I'm Lauren !

For me, what informs thoughtful & intuitive design is working in collaboration with others. And while collaboration drives the direction of the design, I believe that an emotional response combined with a seamless user experience is the key to producing strong & meaningful work. Passionate & hard-working, I'm dedicated to helping my team communicate their goals beautifully & effectively.

Please feel free to drop me a line, I am always open to tackling new & interesting projects; I would love to hear from you.

Myself & my adorable mini Australian Shepherd, Tucker.

Myself & my adorable mini Australian Shepherd, Tucker.


Proficient in

Agile with Jira


Eager to Learn
Team Player


UI Designer
Returnly (2018 - current)

Visual Designer
Media Cause ( 2015 - 2018)

Visual Designer 
Freelance ( 2014 - 2015)

Team Assistant / Graphic Designer
Mahlum ( 2013 - 2014)


PNCA Certificate Program
Communication Design

University of Oregon
BA in Psychology; BA in French

Universitรฉ Catholique de Lyon
Yearlong Study Abroad Experience


things that inspire me


what it's like to work with me

Any future manager, collaborator, or friend of Laurenโ€™s has no idea how fortunate they are about to be. She is thoughtful, eager to learn, receptive to constructive critique, and as her previous design lead at Media Cause I never once had to worry about her ability to execute her work.

For every meeting she took extensive notes, for every design pitch her visual direction was always chosen, and for every project curve-ball Lauren was armed with apt questions to push the team in the right direction. I would work with her a thousand times over again and again. Whether you like it or not, Lauren comes as a package though, because her dog Tucker will undoubtedly always be by her side. But if you donโ€™t fall in love Tucker, youโ€™re crazy, and if you donโ€™t fall in love with working with Lauren... youโ€™re even crazier.
— kelsey lesko | Freelance graphic designer
I was fortunate to have many opportunities to collaborate with Lauren on design projects during our 2 years as colleagues at Media Cause. Her knowledge of a breadth of graphic design tools and elements lent itself to many creative projects for my clients, including website design, social media graphics, newsletter layouts, and much more. Laurenโ€™s attention to detail and creative nature allowed the client management team the flexibility to focus overall strategy and messaging. She has proven to be an asset in taking ideas and bringing them to life visually โ€” both on larger projects as well as quickly and effectively during tight turnarounds. Lauren would be an excellent asset to any organization looking to expand their creative team.
— Kristy Kosak | Digital Marketing Manager at Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children
Lauren wore many hats at Mahlum and did a great job at all that she touched. I worked most closely with her in the production of various reports and presentation materials. She acted as our in-house graphic designer and created all requested vector-graphics including graphic schedules, vector icons, presentation boards and info-graphics. She also assisted in marketing proposals regarding layout and production. She helped with photograph selection, touch-up, in-house printing and binding. She worked many times under multiple deadlines and projects requiring quick turn-around. She did this all while being cool, calm and collected. It was a real pleasure to work with Lauren. I was sorry to see her go!
— Diane Shiner | Partner of Mahlum
Lauren is a tenacious and dedicated student who wonโ€™t just settle for โ€œgood enough.โ€ I have seen her tackle design problems from multiple angles with an earnest desire to learn and figure things out.

Lauren was inquisitive and hard working in my class, and even after the course ended, she continued to work on her assignment, pushing it to the next level. I admire that she reached out to me to gain professional feedbackโ€”I think that is an excellent quality that will take her far in her career. Keep Lauren on your radar, she is destined to do great things!
— Leticia Kleinberg | Senior Graphic Designer at Providence Health and Services
When Lauren joined our Creative Services team at Media Cause, she was making the transition to web design โ€“ a challenge she threw herself into 100% and with impressive results. She was able to begin contributing immediately, and her combo of high intuition and stellar communication skills enabled her to self-teach as well as use her judgement to discern when to tag others for support. She takes critiques for what they are: opportunities to learn and grow. It was a pleasure to watch her approach evolve from project to project. Lauren has a rare blend of independence and team-spiritedness; I consider her a versatile designer and highly compatible culture-fit due to these qualities.

In addition to her professional acumen, sheโ€™s a delight to work with. Smart, funny, and kind. Iโ€™d relish the opportunity to hire her again, and would recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a skilled digital designer.
— Alana Post | Associate Product Manager at The Linux Foundation
Lauren is an exceptionally talented, creative and thoughtful designer with excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic. She picks up new skills on the fly, takes design feedback in stride and demonstrates an invaluable commitment to professional growth thatโ€™s always reflected in her work. She not only has excellent design taste, but a positive attitude that makes her a great team player and an equally effective independent contributor. I really enjoyed working with Lauren at Media Cause and would highly recommend her for any design role in the future.
— Olya Kharitonova | Senior UX Designer at Glassdoor
Bright, funny, insightful, Lauren always comes up with fresh ideas and fun solutions to creative challenges. Sheโ€™s willing to continue โ€œgoing back to the wellโ€ for more solutions when the project calls for it. Donโ€™t be surprised if her questions or deep, thoughtful analysis nails you against the wall. She may be small, but she packs a big creative punch!
— George William | (GW) Winborn Creative Director, Copywriter, Brand Strategist at Winborn & Company
Lauren Vrouvas was my student on two occasions in 2013 & 2014. In both cases she impressed me with two qualities: design talent and the drive to learn. Her drive stood out, because was constantly pushing herself to learn more and improve her skills. She took criticism extremely well, and her work evolved greatly in a short period of time. This was also reflected in her designs.ย In addition to solo assignments, we did a lot of projects in groups during class time. She was well respected and liked by her peers. She was the perfect team member, contributing and listening. The group projects she was involved with were stronger for her involvement.
— Kat Topaz ย | ย Creative Director of Storycode